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I've decided that Brian is just dominating PlanetHolt far too much.  Therefore I needed to reclaim some territory.  So this is just a general update on my life.

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Housing Day!

Today was Freshman Housing Day! This is a big tradition at Harvard, when the freshman find out what House they will belong to for the next three years.

The process begins in early March, when freshmen register their “blocking” and “linking” groups. Basically, you’re allowed to form a group of up to eight people that will all be placed in the same House. Then, you are allowed to “link” with another group of eight, and although you won’t be in the same House, you will be in the same neighborhood.

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Al Gore Speaks at Harvard

So, Al Gore was at Harvard today.  I could only stay for part of his speech since I had to leave for chorus rehearsal, but it was crazy how many people were there.  Walking away from the speech I saw that the rest of the campus was basically dead.  Many people that I know had their classes cancelled today so that they could go watch the speech.

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McCain at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner

So, these are some comments that McCain made at the Alfred E. Smith Dinner. And they're hilarious.

Part I:

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