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Harvest 2014

I’m pleased to share with you my latest video creation:

Thanks to Holt, Inc.—Mike (my dad) and Gary (my uncle)—for letting me ride along that weekend in October. Additional thanks to Nick (my cousin) for washing the equipment and helping with mounting the GoPro, and to Kathleen (my mom) for driving me around in the field, allowing me to focus on UAV flight.

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Apple Canyon Lake with a Phantom UAV and GoPro

Interest in unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs, has soared over the last few months. After seeing the AirDog Kickstarter campaign, I decided to buy in, and after some research, I bought a DJI Phantom 2 and a GoPro Hero 3+ Black edition. I got them both about three weeks ago and they’ve been a lot of fun. Using iMovie to combine the footage from the drone, the waterproof GoPro, and a little bit of Dad’s Nikon with a 70–300mm lens attached, I put together this video from our weekend at Apple Canyon Lake.

Thanks so much to Kevin and Susan for letting us stay at their cabin for the weekend!

Several people have asked about exactly what I’m using. Here are the details:

I also bought several mounts and accessories for the GoPro (including the floaty backdoor (≈$10 at Amazon) and the wrist mount (≈$50 at Amazon), used for the footage in the trailer) and an extra battery for the Phantom 2 (≈$130 at Amazon).

Dad has a Nikon D3200 we used with my ProMaster 70–300mm f4–5.6 lens to shoot people jumping off the rock. This was a little challenging because the D3200 didn’t want to auto-focus this lens, so not only did I need to deal with the rocking of the boat, but had to manually focus as well. (That’s why there is no footage of me jumping off the rock—Dad didn’t realize it needed to be manually focused.)

Click “read more” to learn more about the drone, camera, and other technology used in the video!

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