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Total Lunar Eclipse

Given that my body half thinks I’m still in a European timezone, I decided to get up early and watch the total lunar eclipse, taking some photos while I watched.

Blood Moon

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Whale Watching Outside Boston

On September 26, while in Boston, Matt, Collin, Kelly, and I went whale watching. We boarded the New England Aquarium's Voyager III in downtown Boston and traveled to Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary. While we had an amazing experience last time I did this (a few years ago with Mom, Dad, and Katie), this year's trip was even better. We saw five whales, including Nile, Owl (who had a calf), and Tornado (who also had a calf), from two family groups, and the two calfs actually played with each other, which we were told is quite rare since they're from different family groups. Check out the full gallery or the highlights below.

Nile, Owl, and Owl's calf come up for air. One of the whales begins a dive. Kelly and Brian pose on the way back to Boston.
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